Industrial Services

NEU-VELLE, LLC. has over 25 years of experience supporting clients in achieving and maintaining compliance with OSHA.  Work involves safety audits, job hazard analyses, chemical exposure assessments, safety training, and noise evaluations.

Our services include:

Abrasive Blasting
• Abrasive blasting uses abrasive media propelled through an adjustable nozzle at high velocity.
• This technology can be utilized in a variety of applications.

Automated Bundle Cleaning
• Advanced multi-lance bundle cleaners and shell side cleaning systems.

Explosives De-slagging
• Extensive experience utilizing explosives for industrial cleaning.
• Licensed industrial explosive technicians.

Hydro Demolition
• Hydro-demolition utilizing a high-pressure jet capable of disintegrating concrete and/or steel.

• The newest in non-destructive precision trenching using water and air.

Pipeline Cleaning
• Special tooling designed to use fluidized pressure as the sole engine for its cleaning system.
• Extremely fast and safer than traditional cleaning technologies.

Vacuum Truck Services
• Industrial stainless steel vacuum trucks.
• Trucks are 27 inch vacuum and 6000 cfm.

Water Blasting/Hydro-Blasting
• Utilization of high pressure water blasters
• Offline and Online hydro-blasting.