• Dust free
  • Noise reduction.
  • Can precisely and selectively remove damaged or deteriorated concrete, leaving sound concrete intact.
  • Dilutes chloride ion concentrations at bonded surfaces.
  • Faster and more efficient than conventional mechanical methods of demolition.
  • Vibration reduction.
  • Embedded reinforcing is exposed and cleaned of rust and scale without damage.
  • Excellent bonding of exposed substrate to new layers.

Hydro Demolition

NEU-VELLE, LLC. has hydro-demolition equipment that uses a high-pressure jet capable of disintegrating concrete or steel without damaging the underlying rebar. This technique is extremely effective and efficient due to the force of impact and the porous nature of concrete.  The technique allows us to remove concrete in an accurate and skillful way so that surrounding areas are undamaged and intact.

  • Steel reinforcing can be left intact and de-scaled.
  • Removes corrosion and mortar paste.
  • ​Leaves an exposed, washed and scarified surface on the aggregate, providing an ideal surface for the bonding of new layers.